WIP Sherlock Dolls

I’m deep into work on new dolls. These are ones that are more focused on the clothing than on the dolls. The last doll I did like that ended up with results I’m proud of: a detailed jacket with a huge chiffon train and an exact replica corset that was only 2″ tall. With that doll, I was very lucky to be able to work with the actual designers through twitter to make sure I was on the right track. This time, I doubt I’d be so lucky. I’m making two dolls in the manner of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as they are in the BBC version of Sherlock. It’s going to take awhile, as it should. I’m knitting a tiny sweater/jumper for the John doll at the moment. Just designing takes hours to days. I have Sherlock’s famous overcoat, a shirt, and two trousers to go. I figure they will take a month to complete.





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