Hearts will not change
when the mind is blinded –
All the best evidence 
becomes pure annoyance 
when all true sounds are drowned out –
Facts become false
Pain becomes the norm
Hate is spat until honesty 
looks like a pool of lies –
How can we sit idly by
whilst the world falls to mob mentality?
When does it end? 
Until we are all up against the wall?


So impressed he was
with the quality of the leather,
he couldn’t help but lick it –
The skin was softer 
than any lover he had known –
It draped over his shoulders
better than any of his lush fabrics –
Slipping into it
made his body shiver,
made him feel invincible –
He trembled as he caressed the fine details 
carved so delicately by skilled hands –
This was no ordinary gift –
He was possessed by it


Waiting outside,
Major bull balls dangling –
Watching people be 
the star of their own shows
Aren’t they so pretty?
Stop – smile – pose – perfect!
Amazing how life can happen 
while it has stopped for so many –
One woman can’t even 
cross the street until 
she gets the right angle
to make her look young again –
What a beautiful loneliness 
we have cut for ourselves 


Paper waits
hoping this is the day
its purpose will appear 
on its surface –
She sets it up
She feels nothing 
She turns off the lights
and walks away –
Why won’t she feel me?
Why won’t she brush my face?
Am I offensive?
The pots sit just out of reach
slowly cracking with age –
The long handles are there,
left alone once again –
One day she’ll remember
One day she’ll feel it again
One day I will exist