When you place your needle in my groove

it rattles my mind and makes me shiver –
My head screams with the sounnd
of a thousand floating notes
reaching to kiss the hearts of souls –
The air impregnates every crack
and pulsates to a rhythm –
A crescendo crackles
as the diamond caresses
my deepest wells –
spilling its tune
beyond the red, red vinyl
while voices let go all restraint


I lay upon my sweaty bed
locked in unseen chains
bounding me in dread

a frozen figure standing there
draining out the very air

he bleeds me without a touch
a million muffled screams
sound my skin as such

swift, lanky, eldritch
he nears my bed
with his hand he does bewitch

locked in fear upon my birth
he withdraws all my worth


play the song that stops the world –
suspend me in your memory

the sweetest touch on the piano –
words that make me forget to breathe

your cracked soul has awoken mine –
in a moment, all is perfect


the armor once encased your heart –
it has now shattered beneath
the butterfly’s wings –
he wove riddles
that memories could not solve

your strength is no match
for inner fears –
the forest realm
will never be deep enough
to protect you from yourself

how terrifying a beast
must you appear
to keep the shadows of your mind
from eating you alive?

you are no king –
you’re only an echo