Morphed Figure Drawing 

This was an assignment in my figure drawing class where I had to take my realistic drawing of our model and “morph” her into something else. I was teaching myself pastels at the time, so I used my conté sticks for this. I love how it has a Guillermo del Toro feel to it. 


Bug Bites

Insects dine on squishy flesh 
leaving burning holes and skin a mess. 
The trenches widen 
as they burrow deeper to hide in. 
I writhe against the their gnashing, 
tearing my fragile self with every thrashing. 


Summer arrived 
on the backs of screaming cicadas. Virulent, sticky air, 
slowing each breath 
to the point of passing out, 
only cut by quick storms 
and a hail fallout. 
Skin, tight and blistered, 
peels in sheets to save for later. 
Days are gone on the backs of floats 
and clay-filled water.