I never thought I’d find myself again 
offending the shadows 
that invade my thoughts 
reminding me I am their reflection –

They’ve kept me quiet 
They’ve kept me good

Now the planets have aligned 
ripping me from my protective film –
I’m painted with new skin
and transported to an alien’s world –
The world was just discovered 
hiding beyond the moon –
A star was anointed as god 
welcomed home after long, long away


What is goodness 
in the minds of gods?
The golden polish
of the well-laid halo
only sparkles on the side you see –
The other side has touched
the stars in forbidden voids;
licked the honey 
from poisoned flowers –

When the sparkles outshine 
the withered parts
the gods smile down
and endow the talents –
Demons look up 
and like what they see


How do you want me to read this?
In a sexy voice that purrs in your ears
until you melt and seep into the floor?
In a tense voice that lashes your core
making your insides dream of escape?
What about a silly voice playing with you
in uproarious fits of laughter?
Are you reading this in your head? 
Am I passing through your tongue?
Feel my words 
Solve my puzzles 
Give me a voice


Why flaunt your sexless being? 
Hiding your curves behind a drape of sagging material and self-loathing –




Who gave you permission to withdraw from life?
Only to occupy a space, never to improve on an emptiness –



Fucking sing!

No, those pants don’t make you look fat
They make you look pathetic!

Stop thinking such tactics are acceptable –

Tailor yourself into a god 
Lift up the curtains

Draw out your sex and own it hard

French Horn

All that I can dream
hangs softly in the air –
a wisp
a glitter-
spattered memory 
a clean sound invading my veins –
It carries me away
on its ethereal note 
making love to my soul –
It is the song I’ve known 
since I was born –
It’s wrapped itself around my life –
making me pause 
making me believe there’s more –
the note lingers 
until it breaks under the weight
caught by the strings 
and flung towards the sun