Knit Pickett 

This little guy is the first doll I’ve made that is actually larger than the character it’s portraying. I’m working on building an art show using new skills. I made this to see if I could make a textile doll with a wire sculpture core. Well, the answer is yes. 

This is Knit Pickett’s metal core:


Morphed Figure Drawing 

This was an assignment in my figure drawing class where I had to take my realistic drawing of our model and “morph” her into something else. I was teaching myself pastels at the time, so I used my conté sticks for this. I love how it has a Guillermo del Toro feel to it. 

Bug Bites

Insects dine on squishy flesh 
leaving burning holes and skin a mess. 
The trenches widen 
as they burrow deeper to hide in. 
I writhe against the their gnashing, 
tearing my fragile self with every thrashing.